Our previous flagship home cinema offering was reviewed and rated by not less than three independant professional audiovisual industry resources as being 'The Best Cinema in the UK' , including with respect to all commercial cinemas. That's right, you read that correctly. We are not just talking about it being as good as your local commercial/professional cinema, but better; in fact surpassing it, and significantly so.

See our PORTFOLIO for details.

Consequently, what with this becoming our new reference standard, for our latest, up-to-date, and brand new flagship home cinema offering, which will be featuring in our new audiovisual demonstration centre, we have felt the need to change things up a bit. But herein lies the challenge, because where can you go that is upwards of the 'The Best Cinema in the UK'? Well, that would have to be 'The Best Cinema in the World'.

Therefore, the remit of our new flagship cinema offering is quite simply that it must be in all respects: 'The Best Cinema in the World'.

So if you want to experience not just the best dedicated home cinema, but the best cinema in the world as of right now, including all commercial cinemas, this is where you will find it; featuring in our new demonstration centre's Demonstration Room #1

In addition to this, similarly, within our audiovisual Demonstration Room #2, comprising an actual residential living room, we will be showcasing the next of our complete system offerings, namely: 'The Best Living Room Home Cinema / TV & Gaming Room In The World'.

And in our Demonstration Room #3, a dedicated music room, you will be able to experience: 'The Best Stereo Hi-Fi Music System in the World'.

Further to this, in Demonstration Room #4 you will be able to experience our next complete system offering, namely: 'The Best Home Cinema For Total Cost £19,999'; being the grand total cost of the complete system, including all of the audio , the video, the installation, the setup, and calibration; absolutely everything. And similarly in our Demonstration Room #5 you will find: 'The Best Music Hi-Fi System For Total Cost £19,999'; featuring 5 Times Winner of Absolute Sound’s Prestigious Editor’s Choice Award. Both of which are complete systems that deliver astonishing high-end performance, but with the most phenomenal unrivalled value-for-money.

And finally in Demonstration Rooms #6 and #7 we will be showcasing solutions for interior designers and/or home owners who do not wish to compromise the aethetics of the room into which the AV system is to be installed. Wherein, we will be showcasing ingenious solutions for the interior designer, both home owner and professional, to achieve not only zero compromise with respect to providing you with the absolute ultimate in audiovisual performance, but also zero compromise with respect aethetics. Where these include both 'Invisible Audiovisual Solutions' and also 'Colour-Matched Farrow & Ball Paint Finished High-End Speakers'. Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?